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Today, we’re going over the Archero Ancient Maze event! This event happens every 2 days and gives awesome currencies to buy hero shards and other cool upgrades! So, let’s get right into it, shall we?

Archero Ancient Maze Guide

Archero Ancient Maze Overview

  • The Maze requires 10 energy
  • It can only be played once – without spending gems, that is.
  • This place also has 100 rooms, with a boss every 10 rooms like normal chapters
  • The area has an event shop where you can buy hero shards for soul stones
  • Your gear does not take effect in this mode, but your weapon time will remain as selected as will your hero.
  • You’ll accrue a new currency called ancient silver. The game will give you offers during the run to purchase upgrades. These upgrades could be pieces of gear you’ll wear for the duration of the run or food items that grant buffs for the fun such as:
    1. Spaghetti: Crit Rate +7%
    2. Burger: Max HP +15%
    3. Kimchi: Attack Speed +15%
  • You’ll only be able to purchase 1 item when presented with a choice.
  • After beating the run, the difficulty selector will be enabled, allowing you to pick a harder difficulty for higher rewards.

The Portals

  • You’ll choose one of 2 or 3 portals to take to your next room. These portals can be:
  • Green: Features often simpler rooms and enemies from the biomes in the first chapters
  • Blue: Features rooms and enemies from the biomes in the early to mid-game chapters
  • Purple: Features often more complicated rooms and enemies from the biomes in the later chapters
  • Orange with fire: Features a positive room, often a room of loot chests or free upgrades — always take this one if you can!
  • Current theory is that the portal color represents easier or more difficult options for more or less loot as indicated by the biomes and the rarity color to the portal. I’ve noticed it definitely has some weight.

The Archero Ancient Maze is the place to go to level up your heroes. It’s also the primary source of soul stones for purchasing hero shards. Finally, it drops more soul stones per energy than its predecessor so if you’re looking to evolve heroes be sure to play this event.