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Archero Dailies are the easiest way to earn gems (and during seasons, other stuff too). However, I’ve noticed that some people don’t know how to do them. So, let’s go over that today! Remember that there are way more dailies than are necessary to get full rewards, which allows you to pick and choose as you like!

Archero Dailies List

Archero Dailies List and How to Do Them

  1. Login to the game
    • This one actually glitches out if you’re already playing during reset. Just logout and back in to get your rewards
  2. Play 2 Normal Stages
    • Pretty Simple. Play any 2 stages of the campaign, even if you’ve already completed them.
  3. Play 1 Hero Stage
    • Hero Mode unlocks after stage 4. Play 1 stage of any hero mode to complete this.
  4. Play 2 Event Mode Stages
    • Event Modes are unlocked after chapter 3. Play 2 event mode stages to complete this.
  5. Claim Patrol Rewards 1 Time
    • Reach Level 20 to be able to claim these extra rewards every hour. You only need to claim them once a day to complete this.
  6. Upgrade Equipment 1 Time
    • You should get enough materials after running 2 normal stages to upgrade a single piece of equipment.
  7. Upgrade Hero 1 Time
    • Heroes can be upgraded, yes! Go to “Change Hero” in the equipment tab, click on your hero, and upgrade him one time to complete this quest!
  8. Claim or Purchase Daily Pack
    • If you haven’t already spent money on this game… don’t. It’s not worth it.
  9. Open a Gold Chest 1 Time
    • These are available once a day for free, so don’t spend your hard-earned gems on this.
  10. Open an Obsidian Chest 1 Time
    • You get Obsidian Chest Keys from completing stages. I’d say if you want to get a chest open every day, don’t spend them all at once and instead stagger them throughout.
  11. Purchase 1 Time
    • See #8.
  12. Spend 200 Gems
    • Did you know you can spend 200 gems for 72 hours’ worth of gold farming? If you’re hurting for currency, that’s what I would do for this daily. Otherwise, skip it and save for a new hero.
  13. Buy or watch a Video 1 Time to Get Energy
    • Obviously you’d want to watch the 30 second video instead of spending 60 gems.
  14. Play 2 Stages in Expedition
    • Expedition Mode is a special game mode accessed via the map icon in your chapter’s screen. Play 2 stages to complete this quest!