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Need an Archero Stage 1 Walkthrough? We got you covered! So you may be new to this genre and Stage 1 is kicking your butt. I know it did me when I started. So, let’s go over some key tips for completing stage 1. Now, we’re going assume you’ve already read the helpful hints from my previous guide here. If not, read that BEFORE this guide.

Archero Stage 1

Archero Stage 1 Walkthrough

  1. Choose Ricochet when you start. This is VERY useful at the beginning of the game.
  2. Now we face the first mob. Keep your eyes on your character to be able to avoid his attacks as you plow through it.
  3. In the third room you’ll be introduced to flyers. They just dart around and should be able to be handled by Ricochet.
  4. Fourth room will have two rock guys. Use the walls to avoid their attacks and then take them down between spins. After level-up, focus on boosting arrow damage, speed, and number.
  5. More plants, this time with walls. Like before, keep your eyes on your character to avoid their attacks
  6. Angel Time! Pick the upgrade!
  7. More rocks and flyers. Should be easy to take them down now that you know the strategy
  8. Now we get a stump. They can be super annoying later in the game but for now just use the same tactic as with the plants. Next level up, try to grab wall bounce if it appears.
  9. More stump and some walls. You see why you want wall bounce now, eh?
  10. Mimics hold a lot of treasure but don’t do much in terms of damage. Water and spikes are now added. Water won’t let you wal through it but spikes will hurt you if you touch them, so avoid both. For this level-up try to boost attack, attack speed, or get more arrows.
  11. BOSS TIME! This guy is deceptive. You’re actually fighting 32 tiny dudes inside of one big dude! Yes, this guy splits into 2, then 4, then 8, then 16, then 32 itty bitty nasties! Try to focus down the smallest first and you should be fine. Take the devil’s offer and head to the next level!
  12. Now we encounter archers. They have they eye trained on you – or do they? There is a pause between the line disappearing and the arrow going out, so use that time to get out of the way!
  13. Remember those rock dudes? Well now they have tiny friends that split just like the boss! Only, they split once instead of 5 times and don’t do much in terms of damage. Focus the rock guys down first and then the tiny dudes.
  14. Now we encounter skeletons! These specific skeletons don’t really do much until they get in range. Dodge the archers while taking out the skeletons before they get to you and you should be ok! You should know what to prioritize for upgrades by now, so pick what works!
  15. These skeletons have bombs! Follow the shadows and DON’T get hit!
  16. This room is SUPER tricky, but keep a distance from the bats and keep dodging, you should get through it.
  17. The crawlers multiply when killed. Take them out first. Level up time!
  18. Navigate this one like a maze and you’ll be good if you have Bouncy Wall
  19. ANOTHER BOSS? Yep! Every 10 levels you’ll get a boss! Don’t worry though, this plant guy is easy if you can avoid his main attack. Grab the devil buff
  20. From here on out it is smooth sailing! Once you have ricochet and wall bounce you should be fine, but if you struggle on bosses here is a guide for the next ones on the list:


(Refer to #9 and $19 for previous 2 bosses)

  1. #29 Fat Dragon: Shoots fire that burns the ground. Move away but try not to cover the ground.
  2. #39 Tree Stump: SUPER harsh first stage boss. Use your best dodging skills there.
  3. #49 Blue Rock Dude: Shoots out little guys. Go for them first and then focus the boss. Be wary because the blue rock guys shoot more rocks than the ones you met at the beginning.