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Welcome back, everyone! Today, we’re going over Stage 2 of Archero! To keep things short, we’ll only talk about bosses and how to beat them. So let’s get started.

Archero Stage 2

Archero Stage 2 Boss 1: Sand Worm

To start off, we’re going over the Sand Worm. This boss has 3 attacks. First, 2 fireballs that hit wherever you were standing when they were shot off. Second, 3 or 4 balls that fire somewhere near the player. Last, a mega-shot that sputters around the room. Basically, you just don’t want to stand in the same place for too long.

Boss 2: Red Spider

This one has only two attacks, unlike the Sand Worm. First, it moves around the map in a random direction. Then, when it stops it shoots 8 times. Once you’ve done a little damage, it will split into more itty bitty spiders, so be sure to grab Ricochet or Wall Bounce before facing this dude.

Boss 3: Tornado

This guy had me stuck for ages! But, if you study its movements, you’ll eventually get through it. The tornado boss has 2 attacks. First, it spawns tornadoes that move all over the map. Those are relatively easy to avoid. The second attack is much harder. He spawns 3 or 4 tornadoes in 2 waves that zigzag toward you. The way to defeat this boss is to continuously shoot your bow as you go around the corners.

Boss 4: Red Skulls

This dude is easy as pie. They just bounce across the map and multiply a few times. Keep grabbing things like ricochet and wall bounce and you’re good.

Archero Stage 2 Final Boss: Cactus

Last boss, but honestly isn’t as hard as the tornado. It has 3 attacks. First, it fires spikes at you. Then, it jumps at you and will deal damage if it lands on you. When it lands, it also fires 4 spikes. Last, he throws 3 spikes in your directions that are easily avoidable if you stay out of the red path. Just stay moving and you’re good. Also, stay away from walls as the spikes explode upon reaching them.

And that’s it! You have beaten the last boss of the level! Congrats, and on to Stage 3!