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Archero Stage 3 is relatively easy but I did get stuck on it for a few days. Today, we’ll give you a run-down of all the monsters and bosses for Archero stage 3! We’ll also give some tips and tricks for beating it! Yes, this one is going to be a long one, so let’s go!

Archero Stage 3 Useful Abilities:

Archero Stage 3 Abilities
  • Smart (Grab this whenever possible. The more chances you have to level, the more abilities you get!)
  • Extra Life (Only obtained from the devil – grab when you can)
  • Ricochet (although not super useful at last boss)
  • Multishot
  • Front Arrow
  • Bouncy Arrow
  • Back Arrow (After getting Bouncy)
  • Piercing
  • Diagonal Arrows
  • Attack Boost
  • Attack Speed Boost
  • Crit Master
  • HP Boost
  • Blaze
  • Inspire
  • Headshot (Again, not super useful at last boss)
  • Summoning Abilities Such As:
    • One-Eyed Bat
    • Shadow Clone
  • Poison Touch
  • Bolt
  • Element Burst
  • Dark Touch
  • Element Upgrade (After getting at least 1 Element Ability)
  • ALL Plus Abilities (Which give you bonus attributes if you can clear a room without taking damage)
    • Attack Plus
    • Speed Plus
    • Crit Plus
    • HP Plus
  • The following Devil abilities don’t say it, but according to the wiki they give +15% attack bonus:
    • Water Walker
    • Through the Wall
  • Grab the following abilities in this order ONLY if everything before is unavailable:
    • Freeze (Not useful for last boss)
    • Chilling Blast (Again, Not Useful for last boss
    • Holy Touch (Not useful for most bosses)
    • Death Nova (Again, Not useful for most bosses)
    • Death Bomb (Not useful for any boss, really)
    • These are useful if you find yourself getting hit a lot but surviving:
      • Rage (More damage the lower your health is)
      • Fury (More attack speed the lower your health is)
    • On the flip side, grab these if you get hit a lot and DON’T survive:
      • Invincibility Star
      • Shield Guard
      • Bloodthirst
      • Strong Heart
        • Strong Strong Heart unlocks after grabbing Strong Heart, and allows you to increase your attack speed as well as increasing the bonus!
      • Grace
      • Slow Projectile (only useful if you notice you’re dying to the archers and plants a lot)
    • Greed (ONLY if you can survive! I love this power-up as much as a +life or Smart, but only because I run out of coins on a consistent basis. If you don’t have this problem, don’t pick it up!)

Archero Stage 3 Tips:

Archero Stage 3 Tips
  • Always try to grab the buff from the Angel in the middle of the level. Only take health if it’s absolutely necessary. You can also sometimes get a random heal from an enemy you’ve killed.
  • Always be very careful around environmental hazards like spikes. Go slow around these to make sure you don’t take a hit!
  • Focus on dodging rather than damaging.
  • Always try to take the Devil’s offer. Unless it’s a really bad option, you should always be trying to take it. I generally avoid the walking on water and walk through walls abilities. They aren’t bad, but I don’t find them super useful.
  • Use the water spots on the map to separate yourself from melee monsters.
  • Try to kill as many monsters as you can as quickly as possible.

Archero Stage 3 Enemies:

Archero Stage 3 Enemies

Archero Rock Elementals

These are the boulder-looking guys from chapter one. They fire out a few projectiles wherever they are facing. Pretty easy to dodge, just look for the areas that are open.

Blue Rock Elementals

Very similar to the regular version, but they throw more projectiles.

Archero Normal Haunted Trees

The trees jump up in the air and drop down, firing projectiles out of the front, back, left, and right. They are pretty easy to avoid, but if you’re getting a bunch of spawns you’ll need to be more careful about dodging these projectiles.

Blue/Gray Haunted Trees

Similar behavior to the normal version, but these fire projectiles from diagonal directions as well.

Archero Green Slimes

Simple melee monsters that kind of just randomly jutting around the map. They don’t target you, so you just need to kill them quickly.

Red Slimes

Very similar behavior to the green version, but when you deplete its health, it will spawn a couple of green slimes in its place!

Archero Bats

The bats kind of just hover for a bit and once they target you they will bolt forward towards you. Just keep your distance from these if you can, or wait for them to lock onto you and immediately move.

Archero Bomb Ghosts

They lob single bombs at you. Pretty easy to dodge, but they do have a small explosion area that deals damage.

Red Bomb Ghosts

Similar to the regular version, but these ones lob multiple bombs at you. Always try to remain moving against them, because the bombs these ones throw leave a small fire hazard where they drop.

Archero Purple Stationary Plants

These are the ones in chapter one, they stay still and fire off projectiles. They will lock onto your current position and then fire in that direction. Just wait for them to target, and then move out of the way!

Hiding Plants:

Not sure what to call these monsters, but they are brown and they burrow under the ground and pop up to shoot projectiles at you. The best way to deal with these is to stand still for a slight bit and let them aim at you, once they’ve locked on the area they are going to fire, you can move. They won’t shoot elsewhere once they’ve locked to the spot, so you can safely avoid the flying red orbs. It’s also important to note that the walls won’t block the projectiles! These can be a bit annoying if you are playing a slow weapon because you might not get a lot of shots in on them.

Purple Spotted Plants

These remind me of the Piranha Plants from Mario games. They will target you pretty quickly once they see you, and you’ll see a red path on where they are going to fire. These enemies shoot quite a bit faster than the archers from the first chapter, so you’ll just want to find a spot on the map that isn’t covered in red immediately. They do take a bit afterward to target you again, so you should be able to burn these guys down pretty quickly.

Archero Skeleton Archers

They are the same archers you fought against in the first chapter. They target you with a thin red beam, and after a second they will fire off an arrow based on that red line. Very easy to avoid if you just keep moving, but if there are multiple of them, look for the gap between the red lines to find a safe spot.

Bouncy Archers

If you get further into the chapter, you’ll go against the archers that have arrows that bounce off the walls. It’s a similar strategy as the previous ones, you just need to more actively find the gaps between the red lines.

Tornado Skeletons

These monsters fire off tornadoes that go left and right horizontally from where they fired. These will actively attempt to track you, while still doing their whole weaving left and right. The walls stop these from hitting you, so I’ve found that’s the easiest way to avoid them. Put yourself close to the sidewalls and hopefully, they will fire off a whirlwind and it will just get lost into the wall.

Yellow Skeletons

Standard melee style of monster, they split into multiple skeletons when you kill the first phase.

Archero Blue Spiders

They are kind of just like the green slimes from chapter 1, but they’re a bit beefier and move quickly. They don’t aggressively target you, so just try to stay out of their way.

Archero Green Snakes

These are melee-styled monsters, and they will kind of move around and eventually lock onto you. Once they lock on, they are going to lunge forward after you! So, always be moving around these guys, and try to stay as far away from them as possible.

Archero Purple Crocodiles

These dinosaur-looking guys are pretty big and bulky and fire a large number of flames once they’ve settled in on a target. The key to these guys is getting a feel for the distance you need to be away from them and their flames. The flames they fire have a specific reach distance, and if you learn that you can always avoid them and just easily hit them with your weapon. Once the crocs lock-in, they won’t move until they complete their attack. So, you should be able to avoid these pretty easily.

Archero Stage 3 Bosses:

Archero Stage 3 Boss

Archero Bat Boss Stage

The big bat boss has similar behavior to its small counterpart. It will target you, and then lunge forward which is fairly easy to avoid. The big difference with the boss is that it fires out multiple green projectiles in kind of a spiral as it spins towards you. You’ll need to dodge these as well as dodge the boss to avoid damage. They aren’t too difficult to dodge as long as you take your time and only fire off a couple of projectiles at a time before moving.

Archero Big Hiding Plants x2 Stage

The big Hiding Plant is back and this time it brought a friend. They have all the same attacks you remember from before, which is the fireball that leaves fire on the ground behind, the multiple angled projectile, and then the just big mess of projectiles. The good thing about these is that there’s a pretty nice trick where you can get up right next to one of them and be fully protected from the attacks. However, now that there are two of them, you will be vulnerable to the other one’s attacks. So, try to stay close to one of them, and attempt to move around it to avoid the projectiles from the other. You can also get lucky and they will kind of stack on top of each other which should protect you from all the attacks.

If you don’t have luck with staying extremely close to them, you can try staying as far away as possible. The projectiles spread out the further away you are from them, so you can more easily avoid them if you create some distance between yourself and the plants. Try to kill one quickly, then you can get up really close to the surviving one.

Archero Big Stationary Plants x2 Stage

These are like the purple plants from chapter one that is stationary and fire projectiles. The difference with these is they are super-sized, and they lob a ton of red projectiles at you. The real key is to stay as far back from them as possible, but also only focus on damaging one of them. You need to eliminate one as quickly as you can so you’ll have fewer projectiles to worry about. So, pick one to deal damage to by staying on to the left or right side until one goes down.

Archero Dragon Boss Stage

This is the hardest and final boss of the chapter. If you are missing health before heading into it, make sure to grab the heal from the Angel! The dragon takes up the majority of the room, so you’re going to have to be constantly moving and on your toes. He drops lightning circles just like the Lightning Turrets from chapter two. Those are fairly easy to avoid, the hardest part is the other attacks.

The dragon will launch a wall of lightning that goes down towards you. It has a couple of gaps in between it, so you’ll have to make a precise move to these safe spots to avoid damage. Keep an eye on the furthest part of the room, you should be able to see where the gaps are a bit ahead of time this way.

The other attack it does is a lunging forward-ish attack that fires out small lightning balls that will bounce around the room. These pile up a bit over time, so you’ll need to be trying to dodge these as much as possible.