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Hello, all! As the first post to this site since the new update, what better way to introduce it than to bring change with a new game (at least to this website): Archero! We’ll be covering Archero for a while, most likely, so let’s dive into the basics of it!

Archero Basics: What Abilities do you Want?

Well, what abilities DO you want? First off, any time “smart” comes up, GRAB IT! Smart allows your stage max level to go higher AND will help you level faster, meaning you’ll get more abilities! After “smart” you’ll want to go for attack boost, crit master, attack speed boost, front arrows, multi-arrow, ricochet, piercing shot, wall bounce, and then adding in diagonal arrows, side arrows, and back arrows once you have wall bounce. This will give you the ability to almost 1-hit kill all enemies and blast through the bosses! Defensive abilities should only be considered if you’re finding yourself dying too much.

Archero ability guide

So I found this Angel (Or Devil)?

Yep! Angels and Devils are part of the game! The angel will either give you a random boon or heal (which you should ALWAYS take the minor boon unless your health is super low). The devil, however, will give you a random boon in exchange for health. I personally always take the devil boon if it’s one of the previously listed abilities or an extra life. Otherwise, I’d scrap it.

Archero Angel

So You Didn’t Beat the Stage (Or you did?)

Usually, you won’t beat the entire first stage on the first try, and that’s ok! Don’t jump straight back into it, though! First, you probably leveled up and got some equipment, gems, and coins. So the first thing you want to do is buy talents! Max them out if you can because these will be the best permanent boosts you can get! Next up, combine, upgrade, and equip your favorite gears! They will be extremely helpful in passing the next stages! Finally, if you find yourself hurting for coins, definitely watch ads for more.

Archero Talent Tree