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Welcome to Free Games’ Guides! We are currently working on setting things up to release every day of the week, but for now, here is our schedule:


Sundays: Cool Gaming Tech and Softwares!

Wednesdays: Mobile Gaming Guides!

Saturdays: PC Gaming Guides!


We also have a shop where I will be releasing a new Ebook every year based on my favorite game! Year 1’s Guide: Your first year in Idle Champions!


Keep on the lookout, by the way! We may have an opening to work for us coming up! We will post about it soon!


If you have a suggestion for a 1-off guide, a guide series, or even an ebook that you’d like to see, feel free to contact us!


Current games covered on a regular basis: Idle Slayer; Idle Champions


Remember: If you would like another game covered, definitely request it and we will make that a priority!


Have fun and happy gaming!