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ANNOUNCEMENT TIME PEOPLE! We will have a major change to what we will do from here on out with our posts. Specifically, we will have daily posts instead of tri-weekly, and we will be releasing all ebooks on a monthly basis FOR FREE! Also, keep on the lookout for the official FIRST POST of this new setup which will talk about one of my all-time favorite games: Archero! Yes, we are finally going to go to the original, that those who followed my Wizard Legends: Fighting Master series would certainly know and love! But to start, let’s go over some of the changes that will be happening to the site:

Change 1: Posts instead of pages!

Instead of the homepage being NOT free game guides (Yeah, who thought of that again?), the homepage will have all our posts for every single day! Yes, no more pages of posts that you have to muddle through! They will be all there for you, PLUS there will be categories on the side for you to find specific games you want! Now THAT’S a good change!

2. No more Ebooks!

They can’t all be winners, guys. Due to copyright problems, FreeGamesGuides will not be releasing an ebook again and will discontinue our current ebook line. It was fun, but also… why are we selling this info WHEN WE CAN GIVE IT TO YOU FOR FREE? Yep! We are planning to re-release our ebook as a blog series about Idle Champions in just a few months! Just you wait!

3: Pictures! Buttons! More!

JUST LOOK AT THIS DUDE! That’s what I call style! All kinds of extra style bits will be added to our website in the coming days! Be on the lookout for that!

CHANGE ALL AROUND! See our new line of games under the new Sections on the right-hand side of the screen!