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 Druid – Nature’s Defender

Druids are not regular nature-loving beings. They have great powers and use the power given to them in various ways. They are shapeshifters that can fill in any role as a spell casting damage dealer or healer, a tank, or a melee damage dealer. The Druid can only be chosen by Tauren and Night Elf players. 

They are capable to transform into a Bear or Dire Bear form which increases both hit points and armor and gives them some nice tanking abilities which can be used with the use of Rage which in its turn can be gained by dealing and receiving damage. They will receive several abilities that create a high amount of threat. The nice thing about a Druid tank is that they are capable to still do great amounts of damage compared to for example a Warrior tank. 

If needed the Druids can also transform into Cat form which makes a Tauren change into a Lion, and a Night Elf into a Panther. In this form, their attacks can be used with the use of Energy. In Cat form, they receive some nice damaging abilities and their way of fighting can be compared to the Rogue’s fighting system, including combo points and finishing moves. Both the Bear and Cat forms are boosted if one spends talents in the Feral talent tree of the Druid. 

Melee damage is not the only type of damage a Druid can do. He also can be a great spell caster using both Nature and Arcane based spells. The Balance talent tree should be followed if you want to be a powerful spell casting damage dealer. In this talent tree, you will also be able to place a talent into the Moonkin and Improved Moonkin form. When this talent is chosen, the Druid can transform into a Moonkin, a big creature of the night, famous for his Britney Spears’ dance ☺. This form not only looks nice but also gives the player some nice boosts like a Spell Critical Strike Bonus, Armor, Haste Rating, and bonus Spellpower. Most of these bonuses also apply to party members which makes a Moonkin a great addition to each group and raid.

Then there are the Restoration Druids. The Restoration Druids are great healers and have the most Heal over Time (HoT) spells available of all healer classes. They also have several instant heals (panic buttons). The Resto Druid focuses on healing and should max out the Restoration Talent tree. At some point, one will be able to choose a form called Tree of Life. In this Form, he will give a bonus to all healing done on targets in a group or raid. All HoTs can be cast at reduced costs in this form and also the power of the healing spells will be increased. He will also receive some bonus armor.

Then there are the Traveling Form and Sea Lion Form that can be obtained at lower levels. These Forms increase the run and swim speed of the Druid which is very nice for leveling and even handy when the level cap is hit. Lastly, there is the Flight Form which instantly transforms the Druid into a flying bird. Nice about this is that this form can be obtained at level 68.

The advantage of playing a Druid is that you can change your build when you get bored with one and turn your tank into a healer and back etc. whenever you like. You will not get bored easily with this character. Even as a DPS Druid you can still switch forms to heal or resurrect somebody with your combat rez. The disadvantage of Druid might also be his advantage. Being capable to do so many things might be the reason that he doesn’t excel at something like tanking as a Warrior does or healing like a Priest.

Warlocks – Bring Fear Upon Thee

Warlocks have always been a nice class to play. For some reason they always looked great, Blizzard always made the nicest tiers sets for them, then they have those cool class mounts. However, it isn’t only the look that counts and the Warlocks have a lot more to offer. The Warlocks are great casters and use the Schools of Fire and Shadow damage as well as a variety of different Fear spells and a Demonic Pet to bring pain upon their enemies. 

You can choose a different pet for different scenarios. You can choose between an Imp, Fel Hunter, Succubus, Fel Guard, and even a Fire Golem can be summoned.

A Warlock needs Soul Shards for some abilities. These can easily be obtained though by using Drain Soul on an enemy. 

A Warlock is very nice in PvP because he has a lot of damage over time (DoT) spells. If he first casts a few DoT’s and then continuously fears his opponents while also his pet is chasing them around doing additional damage, he basically can win from most opponents. The Locks also have some nice AoE spells like most other casters and have some other specific abilities. One of them is the Ritual of Souls. With this ability he makes a Soulwell which all the party and raid members can use to get a Healthstone, which instantly restores health when used. Warlocks can also create a Soulstone on themselves or on other players. Once the player dies he would be able to resurrect. Last but not least is their ability to summon other players which comes in very handy from time to time.

If you want to play a Warlock you can choose between the following races: Gnome, Human, Orc, Undead, and Blood Elves.

There are three talent trees that all enhance the Warlocks damage. 

Lets start with the Affliction talent tree. Favored by many PvP Warlocks is the Affliction build simply because it focuses on the DoT spells of a Warlock and even gives him some new ones. Also the fear spells become better when this build is followed. The tactic of DoTting and then fearing like said before is great for PvP.

Then you got the Demonology build which increases the damage output of the Warlock as well as the Pets one can summon. It also gives the Warlock the ability to sacrifice his pet to make him stronger. This build is also nice for both PvE and PvP. If the Demonology build is followed till the end you will even be able to transfer into a Demon yourself. As a Demon you will get a new set of abilities and become more of a melee character with increased damage for a period of time.

The name says it all; The Destruction spec focuses on the damaging spells that do a lot of damage like Shadowbolt and the Fire based spells. This build is developed to be able to top damage meters with powerful spells.

As a Lock you can of course choose to make sort of a hybrid build between Demonology and Destruction which is also seen quite often.

Death Knight – WoW’s First Hero Class (WoW Retail)

With the release of the WoTLK in mid November 2008, a new class, The Death Knight, was introduced.
The Death Knights are WoW’s first Hero Class. What this ‘Hero Class’ exactly means is unknown because they have not proven to be very different then other classes except for the facts that you need to have a level 55 or higher level character to create a Death Knight, that the Death Knight will start as a level 55 upon being created and that the Death Knight uses Runic Power to be able to use his abilities. 

Once you create a Death Knight you will enter the game as a level 55 character that is loyal to Arthas the Lich King. You will start fully equipped with green gear and 4, 12 slot bags and 20 silver in Acherus – The Ebon Hold which can be found in the Eastern Plaguelands. As you start questing near The Ebon Hold you will be rewarded talent points and blue item and once you reach level 57 or so you will have the regular amount of talent points for that level and full blue gear. 

I will not take away the fun by explaining the quest chain but I can tell you that the quest chain is cool and rewarding. You can reach level 58 in just an hour or two by doing the quests around The Ebon Hold so even if you do not intend to play a Death Knight it is nice to at least pick up some cool lore. Once you hit 58 you are able to go to the Outlands though and you know that the leveling there isn’t time-consuming, so who knows; even if you didn’t plan to play a Death Knight, you might still get stuck playing one because it is a cool class.

A Death Knight is a melee class that can wear most of the melee weapons. One can equip two one-handed weapons or choose for one two-handed weapon. He can serve as a melee damage dealer or as a tank. A Death Knight however, cannot equip a Shield. They are able to wear plate armor and are able to get a very high parry chance. 

The Death Knight is a melee fighter that uses Runic Power for his special abilities, like said before. He has 6 runes that he can use by using certain abilities. These runes have a cooldown but do give the Death Knight some Runic Power. This Runic Power can then be used to use other special abilities that only cost Runic Power and do not place a rune on cooldown. 

One of the first quests you will come across is called “The Emblazoned Runeblade”. This quest will give you the ability called Runeforging. This ability can be used to forge a rune on the DK’s weapons. 

The Death Knight has three talent trees like any other class namely Blood, Frost and Unholy. Each tree gives advantages and it’s up to the player’s preference which talent tree, or combination of talent trees he would like to use. 

The advantages of a Death Knight are that he starts at level 55, is very easy to level and can continue fighting for longer periods of time, can both tank and dps, they can have a Ghoul and Gargoyle pet and that they look sort of cool. The disadvantage of playing a Death Knight is that almost everybody has decided to play a Death Knight, which makes it harder to find groups and raids etc.

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WoW Warrior Guide (WoW Retail)

Warriors are a great melee class. They are capable of Tanking, and even by most considered to be the best tanking class still, but can also do great damage in both PvE and PvP. Masters of the melee fight as they are, they are capable of equipping all the melee weapons and even Dual Wield. Next to that, they can also wear Plate armor and Shields. Their special abilities can be used with the use of Rage which is gained by taking and dealing damage, and some talents and abilities. The Warriors have stances they can choose between. The Defensive Stance is normally only used for tanking because it reduces the damage done by 10%. However, it does increase the threat made by 10%, and the damage done to the Warrior is reduced by 10% as well. Then there is the Battle Stance which is their basic stance that doesn’t give any boosts or reductions and finally, there is the Berserker Stance which increases the Warrior’s critical strike rating by 3% but also increases damage done to the Warrior by 10%. Some abilities can only be used when the Warrior is in a particular stance. Warriors are strong and can take a few punches which makes them easy to level because their damage output is good as well. One should carry a shield with him while leveling so you can tank an instance when you get the chance. At level 70+ however, you will definitely need to have a Protection build to tank the instances though. In my opinion, the Warriors are fast levelers because you can kill the mobs quite fast and then Charge into the next one. Because of the plate armor, you will not lose a lot of health, though one does have a few abilities that restore hit points, and otherwise, some bandages can be used which isn’t that time-taking either. All the races, except the Blood Elves, have Warriors in their ranks. The Warriors have the Protection talent tree if they want to become good tanks. In this talent tree, there are a lot of abilities that reduce the damage done to the Warrior. You will also improve your threat with this talent tree and will gain some new nice abilities like Spell Reflection, Shield Slam, Shock Wave, and Last Stand. A Warrior can be a great tank, in my opinion, Blizzard designed Warriors to tank and they are the best at it. Since WoTLK, the Arms tree is considered to be the weakest talent tree by many Warriors. This is basically because the Fury talent tree has received some great talents that make the Fury talent tree just as good or maybe even better for PvP and it stayed better in PvE. The Arms tree was good because of the Mortal Strike’s debuff left on the character that reduced healing done on him by 50%. Now the Fury Warriors have something similar in the talent tree called Furious Attacks which also gives the same debuff of 50% healing reduced on the target. If you follow this tree you will be able to Dual Wield two two-handed weapons as the only dual-wielding class in WoW! It doesn’t only look great but boosts the damage as well and puts the Arms build even more in the shadows. Then there is Heroic Fury, another PvP talent that removes immobilizing effects and removes the cooldown from your intercept.

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  1. Safety?

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  1. The price?

How costly is the service of using the platform? 

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The Cons?

  • It does have a subscription model, so if in case the cash flow stops, the benefits stop as well. 
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