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Wizard Legend: Fighting Master – Updated Build Guide

So a month ago I posted my build for Wizard Legend: Fighting Master. It was a relatively good build but it doesn’t stand up in endless mode. Here’s a better build that has gained massive popularity on Reddit (by user P4PBananaMilk):
Must Spell for Arrow Build

  • Rapid shooting
  • Front arrow
  • Attack speed
  • Surge
  • Increase crit

Other spells I like and why

  • Polymorph
  • Miss
  • Frost missile

(above three minimize the damage taken from the enemies; really important in end-game)

  • Ricochet
  • Fire missile

(these two are least important spells and can be replaced with other spells if needed. Fire missile is good when paired with artifact Jack (increase crit rate for burning enemies) which leads to more health regen).

Must Artifact for Health Regen

  • Critical Bloodbag (**MUST: without this artifact, you have no health regen build)

*Must Legend Artifacts

  • Gold & silver axe (try to get this in the first boss so you can get much artifacts)
  • Stiga’s diamond (minimize damage & increase dodge chance-> longer survival)
  • MonkeyKing chopstick (arrow build damage)
  • Joker (increase crit chance -> more health gen)

*Other Good Legend Artifacts

  • Candle of midas (more damage for end game)
  • Princess’s mirror (longer survival)
  • Frost necklace (if there is no other choice)

*Must Epic Artifacts

  • Literally all of them except circle spell/thunder/elf related ones

*Must Rare Artifacts

  • Jack (increase chance of crit when paired with fire missile -> health regen)
  • Queen (increase chance of crit when paired with frost missile -> health regen)
  • King (increase chance of crit when paired with poison artifacts -> health regen)
  • Heart (increase crit chance -> health regen)
  • There are other good ones

*Very Good Normal Artifacts

  • Red devil mask (Second best)
  • Foaming beer (The best)
  • Bottle frost
  • Clover
  • (There is no must artifacts for normal but a lot of them are really good to pass)

Idle Slayer New Update: Daily Quests!

Hello, all! We very recently got an update on Idle Slayer for Daily Quests! Daily quests are unlocked through Crafting by crafting the Diary for the cost of 5.00e25 / 50 Sp as well as the following materials; 50 Bat Wings, 15 Goblin Cloth, and 20 Root. Daily Quests are available in the Quest tab of the game. You originally receive 3 Daily Quests per day, but that can be upgraded to 4 Daily Quests per day with the Crafting upgrade Big Diary. If you do not like a Daily Quest you have received, you can reroll a single Daily Quest each day by watching an ad and receiving a different Daily Quest. The Daily Quest cycle refreshes each day at 12:00am, midnight, according to your local time. Once you have completed your Daily Quests for that day, it will display a countdown timer until new Daily Quests are available. Each completed Daily Quest rewards the player with a single Dragon Egg, which is a Crafting material. Dragon Eggs can be cracked through Crafting for additional rewards, which can be found listed below. Each time you crack a Dragon Egg for additional rewards, it consumes that Dragon Egg and it is no longer available. There are many Daily Quest types, and each type can have a variable number required to complete the Daily Quest.

The Daily Quest types are listed below.

  • Daily Bonus Stage Quest – Complete {X} Bonus Stage sections.
  • Daily Boost Quest – Use the Boost {X} times.
  • Daily Chest Hunt Quest – Open {X} Chests on Chest Hunts.
  • Daily Crafter Quest – Craft {X} Temporary Items.
  • Daily Giant Quest – Kill {X} amount of a given Giant.
  • Daily Pick Up Quest – Pick up {X} Coins/Rubies/Sapphires/Emeralds.
  • Daily Random Box Quest – Hit {X} (Silver) Random Boxes.
  • Daily Slay Quest – Kill {X} amount of a given Enemy.

Rewards are granted by cracking Dragon Eggs. Each time you crack a Dragon Egg for additional rewards, it consumes that Dragon Egg and it is no longer available.

  • A Jewel of Soul!
  • +{X} Jewels of Soul!
  • +{X} Divinity Points!
  • +{X} Coins!
  • +{X} Slayer Points!
  • +{X} Souls!

Remember to save some eggs for the Big Diary, and have fun!

Clash of Clans Strategy Guide: TH1

Apologies for missing yesterday’s post. Here it is! Clash of clans is a strategy game that teaches you the virtues of patience and critical thinking. It is a fun game l would recommend to anyone who is busy for a lot of time or enjoys mobile gaming as they are on the go. Finally the game offers high replay value that will keep you coming back everyday consistently. The objective of clash of clans is to raid enemies worldwide and pillage their villages for resources. Intern using to upgrade and advance your base, this is done with troops that have different skill sets  that you unlock the longer you play the game  When you first start the game you will be given a brief tutorial during this note the following:

  • Do not worry about the goblins after your first defense as they will never raid you after the introduction.
  • The game offers you the option to use a gem to rush, but it is recommended you wait. When you are starting, building structures only takes seconds and you should save your gems for extra builders later on.

After the introduction, note that your base will always be divided into 3 tiers of priority:

  • High Priority – These are structures you should attempt to get to max level asap:





  • Medium Priority – These are structures that while they do not require to be immediately upgraded are important to progress.

army camps



  • Low Priority – These are structures that are neither essential to progress and you can upgrade anytime.

spell factories

Beginner’s Guide to King of Arena

Welcome back, everyone! Today, we’re diving into another brand new game known as “King of Arena!” You all know the drill by now, so let’s just get to the tips!

  • Use your basic summoning scrolls in packs of 10. It’s not necessary, but it will stop you from having to go back and forth whenever you get a single scroll
  • Heroic scrolls should always be used immediately, so long as you have room for more heroes!
  • Speaking of making room, you can use the altar to get rid of unwanted heroes! Remember that you want to keep 4* and higher for later on!
  • Get as far in the campaign as you can, and then see what dailies are available!
  • Need more friends for that pesky daily quest? Ask in chat!
  • Play the game longer for playtime rewards!
  • Speaking of rewards, there are always events going on – even if it’s just connecting your facebook or google account for a free 5*!
  • Don’t go to the arena until you’re absolutely sure you can take it on. Other players are not as forgiving as NPCs!
  • Use the market to get your hands on more red shards! You’ll definitely need them starting out!
  • Go to the Spring of Spirit whenever you have tokens for awesome prizes!
  • Eventually you’ll hit a wall where your characters are no longer strong enough. Just come back in a few hours to pick up your AFK rewards, and hop back into it!

…And of course, have fun!

Beginner’s Guide to Wizard Legend: FIghting Master

Hello, all! Ever wanted to battle evil desserts as you progress through a mobile rogue-like shooter? Look no further than this Archero-styled game known as Wizard Legend: Fighting Master! This game is so new, it is in beta on the Google Play store, and completely free (for now)! Anyway, with the amount of time I’ve now put into this game, I think I can do a pretty solid beginner’s guide! This will cover everything up until clearing Floor 2. Remember, if this style of guide interests you be sure to check out last week’s Idle Slayer guide or our Idle Champions Ebook located on the shop page! So let’s get started!

  • Grab Rapid Shooting ASAP! The higher tier you get it to, the better off you’ll be.
  • Front Arrow, Back Arrow, and Diagonal Arrows are also a REALLY good upgrade! Combined with Rapid Shooting, you’re already off to an amazing start!
  • Wall Bounce is another great upgrade but should probably be prioritized after the previous upgrades unless you have a hard time in fights
  • When you have no arrow upgrades available, prioritize HP and then elves.
  • When you get there, ALWAYS choose the elite doors for awesome rewards!
  • Speaking of elite doors, when you beat an elite or boss, prioritize damage over health and rare upgrades over common
  • If you have at least 20 coins, head to the bar when possible and buy the best upgrades you can!
  • Don’t buy the piggy bank upgrade unless you’re SERIOUSLY hurting for cash
  • The more fights you go without getting hit, the better off you are!
  • Remember you have both a shield and a health bar (shield is blue and depletes first)
  • If you die, watch some ads! The further you can get each run, the better!
  • Want to obtain gems faster? Take some time to watch a few ads and get 10-50 diamonds 5 times a day!
  • Now for gems… what to spend them on? I’ll tell you: SAVE THEM FOR A KNIGHT CLOAK! Yep, that 300 gems cloak is actually fairly obtainable if you watch the daily 5 ads!
  • Don’t want to spend a few hours climbing ranks and watching ads? Buy a spell book first! Prioritize the arrows book for now, since it’s only 100 gems!
  • Prioritize upgrading your spells over learning new ones once you finish the second set of floors. These will come in REAL handy as you progress!

And last but not least: HAVE FUN! Games are meant to be fun, and a lot of these tips are specific to MY playstyle, so definitely try out various ways of playing to see how you like it! Want me to delve deeper in this game? I would love to! Just drop a comment with what you want to see us provide tips on! Want a different game? NO PROBLEM! We offer computer games, Mobile games, and gaming tech guides every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday with more to come! Definitely check out our Idle Slayer guide from last week or our Ebook on Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms (Located on the shop page), and stay tuned for Saturday’s guide which will be a brand new game just like this one! Remember, there are always new games coming out but our best ideas will always come from the readers! Have a good one!

Beginner’s Guide to Idle Slayer

Hello! Today we are going over some tips and tricks for starting your first adventures in Idle Slayer! This is one of my favorite mobile games of all time, and I can’t wait to share my expertise with you! First off, we’ll go over the basics:

  • Familiarize yourself with the ascension tree and general game mechanics. I can go more in-depth if people have questions, but this post will assume you have a basic knowledge of these things
  • One thing to quickly wrap your head around as you play is that both coins and, quickly in the game, souls earned increase every time you ascend
  • Each Slayer Point you get, you need four more souls to get a Slayer Point, so it is a good strategy to Ascend often
  • The game is a little deceptive: coins seem like the thing you want. Ultimately, they’re not: you want Slayer Points
  • Unlock equipment to increase your Coin Per Second (CPS) earning. Each equipment item can be upgraded when they reach level 10, and then every multiple of 50 afterwards. Each of those upgrades will add 100% earning to that item at this stage in the game, so upgrade as often as possible. Your most recently purchased equipment will be doing the heavy lifting for CPS gain, so focus there
  • Certain items will contain gameplay boosts at various levels. The equipment levels you’ll want to reach at this stage for these upgrades are:
    • Sword, Lvl 300
    • Shield, Lvl 200
    • Armor, Lvl 50
    • Helmet, Lvl 150
    • Boots, Lvl 200
  • Depending on what you’ve unlocked in the ascension tree, your sword, dagger and axe will be giving you a bonus for every level. Upgrade these three as high as possible if the corresponding weapon’s Edge upgrade is unlocked
  • The Bow is really good for active players, while Minions are good for not so active players. If, on average, you play for less than 30 minutes a day, then get the White Knight and Dark Wizard before the Bow. If you play between 30 minutes to an hour, get the White Knight then the Bow. And if you play for more than an hour a day, get the Bow before the Minions
  • Throughout the game, quests will help level up your slayer and progress the game. This will mean using the portal regularly
  • Once you’ve unlocked the two minions, bow, and the gloves, you’re ready for phase 2!