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Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms: List of Sword Coast Blessings

Welcome back, everyone! Today we will be going over a list of Blessings for the Sword Coast campaign in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms! Let’s get right into it!

  • Extra Training ~ A damage buff with each upgrade giving an additive +50% damage to all of your champions, at maximum upgrade will give a +500% damage buff.
  • Speedy Attacks ~ An attack cooldown buff with each upgrade lowering the basic attack cooldown of all champions by .05 seconds, reaching up to .25 seconds at max.
  • Diving Blessing ~ Each upgrade increases Torm’s favor received upon reset by 2%, reaching a maximum of 10%.
  • Double Damage ~ Doubles the damage of ALL your champions across ALL campaigns.
  • Heavy Hitters ~ A damage buff increasing damage by 25% of all champions with an attack speed of GREATER than four seconds, capping at 750%.
  • Quick Hitters ~ A damage buff increasing damage by 25% of all champions with an attack speed of LESS THAN OR EQUAL to four seconds, capping at 750%.
  • Fast Recovery ~ Decreases ultimate attack cooldown of all champions by 2%, capping at 20%.
  • Gem Hunter ~ Increase gems dropped by boss loot bags by one across ALL campaigns.
  • Additional Training ~ A damage buff with each upgrade increasing the damage of all champions by 50% capping at 1500%
  • Lead the Charge ~ An attack cooldown buff with each upgrade decreasing the attack speed of champions in the front two columns by .1 seconds capping at .5 seconds.
  • Well Geared ~ A damage buff with each upgrade increasing the damage of all champions with all 6 gear slots filled by 50% capping at 500%
  • Less Distracted ~ Distractions drop 25% more gold across ALL campaigns

Based on your playstyle, you’ll want to prioritize differently. I generally go for gold, favor, and gem gain over damage simply because I play less frequently nowadays.

Another Late Post – Unturned

I’ve recently come back to a game that I used to play CONSTANTLY: Unturned! I noticed that commands were added since I played (at least in singleplayer mode) and decided to make a list of said commands for you guys! That said, here it is!

Singleplayer Commands

/Give “id/amount”

“To get an object”

/Vehicle “ID”

“To get a car”

/Experience “amount”

“Gain experience to improve your skills”


“To do by day”


“To do at night”

/Teleport “Name of the place you want to go”

/Teleport wp (First you have to mark a point on the map to be able to do this command)

/Weather none

/Weather storm

/Weather blizzard

“To make a storm (Only works with maps that have a storm or snow activated)”

/reputation “100 or -100”

“To get a reputation(You can unlock the villain and paragon)”

/Spy “Player’s name”

“To see what a player is doing”

/Cycle “Number”

“To change the cycle of the game”


“To kick a player”

/Ban “Name/Time”

“To ban a player permanently from the server”

/Time “Hour”

“To change the weather”

/Animal “ID”

“Release an animal”

Late Post – Castle Clicker: Daily Stones Guide

Sorry for being so late, today I’ll release both Sunday and Saturday guides to make up for it! Ever heard of Castle Clicker? It’s probably my second favorite Steam game after Idle Champions! Of course, every good Idle game has daily stuff, and Castle Clicker is no exception! Daily stones are hidden all over in Castle Clicker. The fastest way to get one is to purchase the Support Stone package from the stones menu under “More Gems”. The daily stone is permanent. When you collect it on any level, it returns to level one on the following day. Other daily stones of different levels are available by clicking casinos, mines, ships or buildings and in treasure chests of all sizes. Like the daily quest, daily stone’s reset and become available at midnight. If you upgrade your stone, it progresses to the next level until you collect it or it reaches level 7. If it is not a permanent stone, it will disappear after you collect it. Want to know how many daily stones you have? Click on Stats on the home screen. You can see all the stones you have and which level they will be at midnight. As you progress in the game, the daily stones do also. While the bonuses are the same on each level, they grow in size to better fit your current level, for instance the number of sheep or the increase to the maximum lumber yard capacity. Keep reading to learn more about these rewards. Level One helps beginning players by adding sailing time to ships. Before you have built a handful of Sailing Schools, your ships can only travel a few hours away to find mines. An extra four hours can help. Everyone loves gems! They can be forged into other stones to help you make progress. Here is one for your collection. Increasing your maximum lumber yard capacity helps you build faster by not having to replenish your lumber before your building is finished. Want more? Upgrade to Level Two. Better workers! You get to choose which workers you level up. If you are at the beginning of your game, pay attention to the increases so you can afford your workers. When you click on the bonus in your notification screen, you will see all the workers stats to help you choose. 20% build click increase makes you build faster with every click. This is the same bonus you get from a level up. You need sheep to harvest wool, which you need to make cloth. Since there is no limit to the amount of wool you can have, harvesting wool each time it is available is a great way to gain experience. (Think about leveling up!) Remember, you need wool to build inns and make more coins. Mine stones are a way to get exactly what you need from a mine. Have a free one! Treasure map! Send your ship to see what you find. Will it be materials? Stones? Coins? You know there is XP waiting on you. Are you short of workers? Level 3 gives you some free help without building a keep. Not something you need here? Upgrade to Level 4. Level 4 has great rewards. A sheep stone refills your sheep after you harvest the wool. 10% more experience from every click means you level up faster. Empty those mines, sheep and lumber yards faster with a 40% bonus per click. This is equal to two level up bonuses. Want something a bit rarer? Upgrade to Level 5.Level 5 gives you two gemstones where level one only gave you one. A Rare Treasure chest has five (5) items in it, including experience. Will you get materials, stones, a treasure map, a blueprint or another daily stone? Open the chest without having to sail to get it. A Rare Time Stone! Travel in 4 hours. Make your ships return with huge loads in seconds instead of hours. Remember to have coins on hand if you have workers building, sailing, refining or mining! You need blueprints on every level, so this bonus is helpful throughout the game. Want to get your treasure chest open without clicking? Use the treasure stone. Wow! 80% increase to your refining click is equal to 4 level up bonuses! Want more? Upgrade to level 7. Patience pays off! The Level 7 daily stone is fully upgraded. The Majestic Power Stone gives you 10 times the work for every click and worker for 3 minutes. Faster ships mean bigger mines and faster discovery of treasures and cities. Free level up! Get better workers, better bonus for your clicks and your choice of free materials, coins, population, sheep, lumber capacity, mines or stones.

Legends of IdleOn Beginner’s Guide

I’ll admit, if there are two genres I’m a sucker for, they’re MMO and Idle games. So what do you get when you combine the two? That would be the amazing game of Legends of IdleOn! There’s so much you can do with just a few minutes of spare time every day, and so many ways to play as well! So, starting out, what do you want to do?

  • First off, always listen to the tutorials. They’ll be scattered throughout the game as well as available to read in your handy-dandy Codex!
  • As for classes, I’d suggest starting as a warrior, then creating an archer, and then finally a mage. Your characters work together in this game, so having one of each will be extremely helpful in the early game!
    • Warrior focuses on mining (STR stat)
    • Archer focuses on forge (AGIL stat)
    • Mage focuses on wood (WIS stat)
  • Ready to learn how to  craft?
    • First go to the forge and click on “produce” tab. Then click on the produce button to start making thread
    • Buy a couple of points to upgrade and put into either speed or capacity depending on your play
    • Craft a spear as fast you can since it hits multiple monsters, which means faster killing
  • Now, we quest!
    • Focus on completing the main quest to get easy XP and equipment
    • Do as many of the easy quests as you can before you idle the first time
    • Skip the 100 log quest until later, since leveling is a higher priority
    • Prioritize monster materials for equipment before quests
  • Want to know which items to prioritize in the shop?
    • -Buy bag, skill reset piece (only 1x/day)
    • -Buy stones to add stats on equipment
    • -Get stamps, rings, storage chests when you have money
  • Now for cards: equip them on the Codex’s Card page. They’re rare drops or from gem shop
  • Stamps unlock from the pig and are account-wide buffs and can be bought from stores or are rare drops. They can be upgraded with money and increase caps with items
  • Statues unlock by buying the chisel from store. They are character based buffs and can be bought from stores or are rare drops. They can also be upgraded with turning in more statues
  • Finally, we have monster drops. Save most of them, since you will be crafting your gear and turning in quests.
  • Level Mining to 4 and craft what equipment you can with that and wood. Remember to grab 10 extra wood for the quest!

…And now you’re ready to go! Remember to comment below if you want more of IdleOn, as I will DEFINITELY be continuing to play it! My plans are to have 4 different games for each day we cover (Sundays will be the exception, of course), so stay tuned for tomorrow’s guide!

Hello everybody! Saturdays will be devoted to computer games, featuring a series on Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms, because I love the game so much! First guide of this series: Tips for Beginners!

  • Reset often! At the start of the game you’ll find you can’t progress all that far and that many champions will be too expensive to buy. Reset your game when it gets hard to progress any further and you’ll earn Divine Favor which will increase your gold find and you can spend it on other goodies, too!
  • Speaking of Divine Favor: There’s all kinds of them and more are added every year! Play events often for a significant boost to your permanent favors at the end!
  • And you know those events? Unlock every character you can from those! Even if they seem useless now, the devs are constantly updating those characters and you don’t want to have to spend timepieces for a hero that you were too lazy to unlock.
  • Try and farm over night! You’ll have a big favor gain in the morning!
  • Subscribe to the Newsletter and get Hitch!
  • Join the reddit/discord communities for free chests, discussions and more!
  • How to spend your gems? Or when? Or what to buy? First you want to unlock at least 15 familiars with gems! Yes, I know currently there aren’t that many but by the time you have enough to unlock 2 familiars a new gem familiar will be out. I will be releasing a guide on gem farming soon as well!
  • Finally, remember to go at a pace that fits you. This game can be played Idly OR Actively! Have fun!